Met by J.J. Burckhardt at ZLB Central Laboratory BTS SRC

2000 til July Responsible Head for labile blood products
1999  Prepare the contract with RBTS Lausanne for the infectious disease marker screening in Bern (ca. 35'000 donation samples/year)
1999  Pass the 2nd successive FDA inspection without citings (Form 483) (after 1997) !
1999  Fuse the BTS ZLB with the RBTC to form the BTS Bern
1998  Plan to implement HCV-PCR screening as of January 1999 BTS ZLB, acquire 3rd party RBTS totalling about 2/3 of all blood donations in CH
1997  Consolidate the Anti-D-Plasmapheresis-Program ZLB
1997  Implement a new Blood Bank Software and reshaped work processes
1996  Establish BTS ZLB as a part of the restructured BTS SRC
1992 - 1995 Head AIS-Project: ex vivo-expansion of CD8-Tcells for therapy; plan, build, and validate a laboratory for cell culture for human use; approved for clinical trials by Swiss regulatory authorities (IKS)
1994  Organise the Blood Transfusion Service ZLB (as of October)
1991  Implement HCV-PCR as an additional confirmation test (ZLB)
1990  Implement Anti-HCV-screening in Switzerland (BTS SRC, by 1 Aug), implement centralised confirmation procedure in Bern (ZLB)
1989  Implement ALAT-screening for the BTS SRC
since 1988 Expand the External Proficiency Scheme for the BTS SRC 
1988  Implement IQS (Internal Quality Standards) for ZLB-screening
1988  Implement ALAT-screening for all blood donation (ZLB)